Jogging with a Virtual Runner Jogging with a Virtual Runner using a See-Through HMD
(VR 2017, SA 2018, VR 2020, VR2022)
Body Odyssey A Body Odyssey: Exploring The Human Body as Digested Food
(AH 2017, TVRSJ 2019)
Virtual Walking Generator Virtual Walking Generator
(3DSA 2016, EuroHaptics 2016)
Avatouch A Teleoperated Bottom Wiper
(AH 2015)
Avatouch Avatouch: A Puppet-based User Interface for Controlling A Massage Chair
(TVRSJ 2015)
Scritter: A new multiplex content displaying system compatible with current 3D projection technology
(Laval Virtual 2010 Revolution, SIGGRAPH 2010)
An automatic update system of contents in the mirror world with networked cameras and RSS


serenavi SERENAVI: A Navigation for Inducing Serendipity (Mashup Hackathon Okinawa, Mashup Awards 10)
chienoki CHIENOKI: An Assistance System of Communication between Parents and Children by Cooperating with TV News Programs and A Puppet (NHK HACKATHON, Mashup Awards 10)
lighTV lighTV: A Lighting Control based on the Progress of Video Contents for Enriching TV Viewing Experience (TBS TV HACK DAY)